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Band Sawmills for high production

Logosol's band sawmills have a sturdy design, an impressive accuracy, well thought-out features and a solid design. They are easy to set up where the trees to be sawn are.

Most sawyers think that the best thing about the sawmill is the satisfaction they feel when they have cut their own timber. Job satisfaction and pride are the best things we can give our customers.

Band Sawmill MN26

The LumberMan MN26 has already become a bestseller in Canada, and is now introduced as the smallest model in Logosol’s band sawmill line. This sawmill has been developed with the same well-tried technology that was used for the larger band sawmills, and it has the same sleek format.


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Band Sawmill LM29

LumberLite is the right sawmill for you, if you want a reliable and stable machine rather than extremely high daily production. This sawmill is easy to maintain. The convenient format makes it easy to fix the logs and set the board thickness. Even though the sawmill can handle large-diameter logs, up to 72,5 cm (29"), it is more suited to standard coniferous forest.


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Band Sawmill HD36

Logosol Norwood HD36, known as the LumberPro in North America and the UK, is an entirely new sawmill that has all the advantages you would otherwise find in a significantly larger and more expensive band sawmill. This mill delivers what you expect from it, and gets the job done quietly and efficiently.


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Log Moulder LM410

The log moulder for band sawmills is a moulder and a jointer/planer for beams of dimension up to 600 x 600 mm (24'' x 24''). It is very stable and runs on the same rails as the band sawmills LM40 and LM Pro, for instance. The cutter head is 410 mm (16'') wide, which means that you can mould timber of large dimensions for building log houses.


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Equip your sawmill with original accessories to meet your specific needs!


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Band Grinder

An automatic grinding machine, which gives your blades the necessary sharpness.


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Band Blades

Regardless of what bandsaw you have, you will find the right blades at Logosol.


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