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A few words from the owner family


Logosol is both a company and a family. Together we work to ensure that each purchase is characterized by dependability and profitability. Our motivation is that you will experience job satisfaction and pride by using our machines.

A responsible and small-scale use of our natural resources is an act that feels truly good. With Logosol you can refine and create almost anything from a tree. Logosol’s founder Bengt-Olof Byström grew up on a farm, where making good use of one’s resources was vital. He invented the one-man sawmill, which could cut trees into lumber, on the farm or out in the woods. Today the Logosol Sawmill has been joined by planer/moulders, joinery machines and tools, and the company has become workplace for the next generation. Today, the whole Byström family is engaged in the company in different ways.


Creating in wood is valuable

At Logosol, we often hear our customers’ success stories. It is very special to think of all businesses that have been built up with our machines as a base, and it fills us with pride hearing about families and friends working together, creating with wood. A sawmill or a planer/moulder is a long-term investment that is well timed. The machines are made of durable materials that will last for generations. Creating in wood gives a lasting result that will generate pride and joy for a long time. The feeling when drinking coffee on the porch that you have made yourself is unbeatable.  


Stories that inspire

Logosol’s machines open up new possibilities. You can opt out buying finished products and build yourself using your own material. You can contribute to a lifestyle that shows concern for our environment and the world around. Caring about what you have is an admirable guiding principle, and at Logosol we often hear inspiring accounts. A tree that was planted generations ago, which once was the site for tree houses and playing children, was to be sold to a forest company, but was instead used as material for a wooden pier down by the lake thanks to a Logosol Sawmill. Another tree, which had been the landmark for a chantarell site, was to be used as firewood, but instead it became a new terrace.  


We have ourselves experienced the usefulness and joy of our products. We know that they work, and we know that you are making an important investment for the future.


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You are warmly welcome!


Bengt-Olov Byström
Joakim Byström and family
Mattias Byström and family
Katarina Byström and family

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  25 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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