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The Logosol Sawmill was the inspiration for a unique solar concentrator



The product Solar8 has been inspired by the Logosol Sawmill. Solar8 suits property owners with large buildings who would like to produce electricity and require heat. As things are at present, it is not an alternative for summer cottages or private homes. Johan Nilsson and Joakim Byström demonstrate.

Joakim Byström, son of Logosol’s founder Bengt-Olov Byström, constructed the Logosol Jungle Mill ten years ago. The product was a hands-on contribution to environmentally friendly forestry in rainforests. Now he commits himself entirely to his own product, the Solar8. He is convinced that solar energy is the technology that will save the world.

Wanted: flat roofs in Spain

The solar concentrator Solar8, which converts the sun’s rays into both electricity and heat, has been inspired by the Logosol Sawmill. The kinship lies in the construction. The solar concentrators are delivered in flat packages, are assembled on the spot, and are so light and easy to handle that they can easily be carried by two persons. Today, there are two demonstration systems installed in Sweden, and enquiries come from all over the world.
"We have, however, chosen to focus on Spain, which is the most interesting market for us. Now, we wish to get into touch with Spanish property owners who require both electricity and heat. We are interested in large Spanish buildings with flat roofs that are planning to install solar heating", says Joakim Byström, who appreciates tips and suggestions on interesting installation engineers.
Joakim Byström is still working in the family business Logosol as chairman of the board. Next year it is 20 years since his father Bengt-Olov invented the Logosol Sawmill and launched Logosol. We wish Joakim the best of luck and hope that Solar8 becomes just as successful. His solar company Absolicon is growing, and the Solar8 has developed to the ABSOLICON X10 with Double Solar Technology™.

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  30 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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