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New Product in Logosol’s Assortment:
The Kiln that Makes the Lumber Straight



The Sauno lumber kiln is available in two sizes: 2000 and 4000 watt. Below, the small drying unit is installed in a kiln box according to the plans that come with the unit. Several drying units can be installed in larger kilns.


Drying lumber is a great challenge for small-scale woodworkers. You can let nature do the job, but then it takes five years until the lumber is dried to levels acceptable for cabinet-makers. With the Sauno kiln it takes a couple of weeks. Now, Logosol starts selling it.

The Sauno kiln has existed almost as long as the Logosol Sawmill. It was designed and constructed by Leif Matsson in Dikanäs, Sweden, and manufacturing of it begun in 1990. At the start, complete systems were manufactured. Today, you get a drying unit and instructions for building the kiln box.
“The customer decides the size and can install several drying units for larger volumes,” says Leif.
Today, he works for a larger company, Plano System AB, which delivers tools and equipment for woodworkers, and here the Sauno kiln is one of the products. The method has been refined during the years, and it is no overstatement to say that Sauno is the best-tried small-scale lumber kiln on the market.
The reason why it works so well is the drying method, which is called relax drying. This is the method that large sawmills use for drying their best lumber, in order to reduce the occurrence of cracking and other damages caused by drying.

Faster drying, less cracks

The problem when drying lumber, is that wood is unwilling to let go of the water it contains. Otherwise the trees would not survive through long periods of drought or ground frost. By first heating up and steaming the lumber at high temperatures (158-167°F) the cell structure of the wood is changed, which makes it possible for water to move outwards from inside the wood. The next step is to dehumidify the lumber at 104-122°F. The result is lumber that is “furniture dry” and that has less cracks and is straighter compared to air-dried lumber. But the greatest difference is the time it takes. The time varies depending on what type of wood you use and the desired moisture content. For instance, you dry softwood from 17 percent moisture content to levels that suits cabinetmakers in a week. Fresh-cut spruce dries to levels suited for planing in 7-10 days.
Since the customer himself builds the kiln box, the investment cost becomes low compared to other solutions. The drying unit is available in two sizes, 2000 and 4000 watt, which is enough to dry 1400 and 5000 Board Feet of lumber. For larger volumes you use several drying units.

Well-tried and recognized as good

”The largest Sauna kiln we know of, is used on a sawmill in Småland in Sweden. There, they have remodeled a 40 ft container and installed four drying units,” says Leif.
Another container kiln, with three Sauno drying units, was used for drying lumber when the East Indiaman Gothenburg was built, a project in which Logosol also participated. This is only one of many projects where Logosol has delivered sawmills and Sauno has been responsible for drying the lumber.
“Sauno’s lumber kiln fits like a glove in our range of products. It is a well-tried and reasonably priced kiln, and it is recognized as good,” says Logosol’s CEO in Sweden, Bengt-Olov Byström.
Due to this, Logosol has now started to sell Sauno lumber kilns both in Sweden and abroad, the only kiln for small-scale woodworkers that gives a better result in a shorter time. *


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