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Mold Large Logs and Beams with Gasoline or Electricity


The new product of this fall was the log house molder Logosol LM410. Now, it is available with both electric and gas motor. The purpose of this project was to create the best log house molder on the market, with precision to mould the American type of house timber, D-logs.



Now Logosol LM410 is also available with gasoline engine. It is the same powerful log house molder as the electric version, suitable for you who work where there is no access to electricity. It can also be used on other brands of bandsaw mills.

The photo speaks for itself when it comes to the capacity of the log house molder LM410 for Logosol’s bandsaw mill.

The timber has double tongues and grooves and a flat inner side for quick assembly and air-tight walls. Up to now, it has only been possible to make D-logs in industrial machines.
The focus on D-logs came because Logosol and its partner Norwood are big on the North American market. The challenge was solved by new log posts that make it possible to mold the upper and the lower side in line with each other. This also gives a superior precision for the Scandinavian version of log house timber. In America the timber should be large.

Due to this, LM410 has a wide, 16’’ cutter head. In addition, the cutter head can be moved sideways, which allows you to plane widths up to 23 11/16’’. From this feature an additional possibility emanated: planing beams. You can joint and plane a beam of up to 23 11/16’’x23 11/16’’. This is much coveted in countries such as Germany, which has a tradition of building half-timbered houses. Large beams also have an important place in the Scandinavian building tradition.
Logosol LM410 is now available both in an electric version and with a reliable gasoline engine from Honda. It is also compatible with other brands of bandsaw mills, since the rail width can be adjusted. *

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  25 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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