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New Log Moulder Available for Portable Bandmills



This unique Log House Moulder brings Log Home Log milling capability to portable bandmill owners. The LM410 makes it easy to tool up to make Log Home Logs on a standard portable sawmill.

Logosol announces the release of a new Log Moulder, LM410, that will fit most Portable Bandmills. This innovative design by Logosol provides portable sawmillers the ability to plane beams, mould wide thick planks, and make log home logs. “This Log Moulder brings new and unique capabilities to Bandmill operators,” says Mattias Bystrom, in charge of product design and development at Logosol, Sweden. “With this bandmill mounted on their existing bandmill track, they can now make their own log house logs suitable for building a log home,” he stated.

Logosol has been a leader in innovative wood processing products for many years, having developed a chainsaw powered sawmill that has been sold around the world for decades. As an accessory to their chainsaw mill, Logosol developed the Log House Moulder, which allowed their sawmill owners to make their own log homes. Many sawmill owners have done this in countries all over the world, especially in Sweden and Norway. Also, there have been log homes built in the US with logs milled on the Logosol Log House Moulder for the Logosol sawmill.
However, Logosol began to get inquiries from other types of sawmills about using their unique Log Moulder on their own sawmill. Some band mill operators even purchased this original log house moulder to adapt or make their own version of the Logosol Log House Moulder.
Logosol has completely redesigned the moulder to allow wider log processing and added capabilities, and has now provided a way to adapt it to most portable bandsaw mill tracks. The LM410 is adaptable to Norwood, Woodmizer, Baker, Hud-son, Cook, TimberKing, and other popular bandmills. This makes it easy for a band mill owner to begin to use the Log House Moulder on a sawmill he or she already owns. “We have made the wheels for the moulder adaptable to most popular band mills on the market today, “ Mattias stated. “The moulder is adaptable to a variety of widths of track, and if our standard adapters do not fit, we can custom make an adapter for your mill,“ he added.
The Log House Moulder has a 16 inch planer head in the unit that can do straight planing or moulding or both at the same time. The moulder is capable of planing up to a 24 inch by 24 inch beam. The planer head is adjustable sideways, so you can make a pass on one side of a wide beam and then reposition the head to do the other side of the beam. The moulder is adjustable up and down as well. Standard knives are available to do from 3“ to 8“ thick logs.
The LM410 is available in gas or with a 3 phase electric motor . “The gas version performs as well as the electric,” Mattias stated. “It has all the capability of the electric powered model with the added ability to be used anywhere the portable sawmill track is setup.” 

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