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The children get new school desks made from trees planted by their parents


With two sawmills from Logosol in their luggage, Bertil and Ingrid Johansson travelled to Burkina Faso in West Africa to start construction on a hospital.
"To some extent we will use the forest that was planted in the 1970's and which we can now saw ourselves," says Bertil.


Ingrid and Bertil Johansson in the process of loading two sawmills.


When the Logosol saw arrives in Burkina Faso, the school desks get their new desk tops. 


He and Ingrid travel to Burkina Faso a few times a year. They moved there the first time in 1977 with their two small children in order to work for a local church. In addition to the church, they devoted their time to doing social work.  Ingrid is a medical doctor, and volunteered at a hospital, and Bertil became involved in two large disaster responses.
"We soon realized that it is better to offer people education rather than food, which runs out at the end of the day," Bertil explains.
So the church expanded its training of pastors with and agricultural training. One of the first measures was to plant the forest that will now start to be felled. To this end they have a Logosol M7 and a Timberjig that arrived in Burkina Faso in the spring of 2008. The Logosol saw is now fully operational and is used to produce material for the school desks.
The next project is to make a ceiling for the future hospital. Building the entire hospital out of wood is not possible, unfortunately, as Bertil discovered when he brought a wardrobe with him from Sweden. After a few months, the termites had eaten it. All wood must be treated and cannot be used in supporting structures.
The new hospital in Burkina Faso will have 100 beds. There are 25 hectares of land available, as well as the forest for the construction, and now two sawmills from Logosol.



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  27 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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