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A Breakthrough in Technology: The Logosol PH360  

Logosol PH360 is a brand new planer/moulder from the ground up, designed with all the experience and knowledge we have received through years of manufacturing planers and moulders. The PH360 4-Head Planer/Moulder provides the ability to mould up to 5” X 14” material on all four sides.  


This unique, next generation, 4-Head Planer/Moulder will take 4-sided planing and moulding to a new level. The Logosol PH360 is in a new class of moulders, designed for increased capacities, ease of use, and affordability.   

This moulder also features a stationary bed, with built-in feeding tables to provide maximum stability and support for material passing through the planer. The in-feed table works as a jointer table and is easily adjustable to allow quick setup. The top head moves up and down to provide for thickness adjustments. All moveable heads have digital readouts for quick and accurate positioning of these heads. The PH360 offers a more integrated approach to 4-sided planing and moulding.
The motors can all be controlled independently of each other on the conveniently located control panel at the in-feed end of the machine. The optional Chip Extractor system designed exclusively for the PH360 can also be controlled from this panel. The vacuum hoses are all strategically positioned to exit the planer at the rear of the machine, minimizing the possibility of these necessary hoses being in the way of the operator.

14 inch, 4-sided moulding

The new moulder provides the ability to do four-sided planing and moulding in one pass and can be used in three-sided, twosided, or single sided operations. The feeding system on the PH360 features a new style feed roller and drive system, with increased horsepower and feed roller diameters over previous moulders in Logosol’s moulder line. This moulder goes beyond the widths and depths available on any moulder on the market today in its price range, and even of moulders in several price ranges over the price of the PH360.
“14 inch wide 4-sided moulding is a breakthrough in technology in this price range,” says Janne Engvall, President of Logosol, Inc.   

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  27 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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