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PH360 Is The Maine Planer/Moulder


“My planer guy really likes it!” said Melvin Yoder of Yoder Sawmill in Corinna, Maine, when I asked him about the new ph360 he recently installed. Melvin was one of the first in the US to install and use the PH360, the new LOGOSOL 4-head Planer/Moulder.

Melvin Yoder with his new PH360 in his Maine shop.
The Yoder Sawmill office, where customers can easily see what the PH360 can produce!

He says it is “easier to set up than the PH260,” and likes the fact that “the top head moves up and down instead of the whole planer table.” And he likes the bigger rollers on the feed system. “The feed works well,” he added.
Melvin is no stranger to Logosol planer/moulders. Yoder Sawmill was one of the first companies to install the PH260 when it was first introduced over 8 years ago in the USA. He remembers he received one off the second container to be shipped here.
“There is no telling how many feet of material we have put through that machine,” he said of the PH260, as he fondly reminisced about those first years of working with the machine. “That machine just keeps going,” he added. When he heard about the new PH360, he quickly ordered up a new machine.
Yoder Sawmill takes material from the log to the finished product, cutting the logs and drying the lumber on site, and then making it into what his customers order. He has 3 full-time employees and some part time help. He primarily works with white cedar, and produces a lot of 5/4 decking.
This decking is all run through the moulder with corner ease knives installed so a rounded plank is produced that is perfect for decks. He also makes a lot of T&G V-matched siding and paneling. The product is beautiful in white cedar. “I sell a lot of this material, “ he notes.
He has taken advantage of the new wider capabilities of the PH360. “I had one order for some 14” material and it worked well,” he said.
He is able to get a premium price for this material as it is hard for anyone else to produce. “The stronger motors on the top head and the big feed system really help with this wider material,” he said. He recently finished up an order for 10,000 linear feet of lap siding.
When asked about the PH260, he said, “we plan to keep it in operation alongside the PH360, using it for short run orders.”
It’s still working and ready to continue to be a productive part of the Yoder Sawmill, but Melvin’s happy that he has the PH360 to take the brunt of the workload.




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  27 days left of the campaign! Click here!

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