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Third generation feeding for bandsaw mills


One of the finishing touches on the new bandsaw mill, the Logosol Norwood LM Pro MX34 is the smart feeding unit. It is not only that you can control the sawing from one location, the unit also removes the newly sawn timber.



Logosol’s designer Jonas Höglund demonstrates the new feeder for the LM Pro bandsaw mill.


Flaps that drop behind the sawblade.

There were previously two types of feeding unit for log bandsaws. The simpler variant is an auxiliary motor that is controlled from the saw unit. The saw operator walks with the saw unit. This is how feeding worked with the old LM40, with the addition of an automatic return.
On the more advanced models, the saw unit can be driven, raised and lowered from the operator’s station. The saw unit is run forwards and backwards until the logs or blocks have been cut. Some also have a log return. These are complicated, and therefore expensive, designs When we were developing the LM Pro, the issue of smarter feeding that also helps lift the timber was raised. The solution proved to be simpler than anyone could have imagined.
This is how the new feeder for the Logosol LM Pro works: The saw unit is controlled from the operator’s station at the end of the sawmill. When the log has been sawn, two solid flaps automatically drop behind the band. When the saw unit is backed up, the plank or board is carried with it. While the flaps protect the sawblade.
The saw operator receives the timber, to lay it on rollers. It is also possible to construct some form of table which the timber is pushed on to. The height of the saw unit can then be adjusted in one quick action and it is then time for the next cut.
The automatic feed was demonstrated at Logosol’s DIY trade fair at the beginning of October. Several hundred visitors were able to see, with their own eyes, that the unit is smooth and does a better job than both of the previous models.

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