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Equip your sawmill with original accessories to meet your specific needs!

The large selection of accessories features a number of tools to facilitate your sawing.
Choose among the different accessories and form a sawmill to your own needs.

Logosol Sawmill Accessories

Choose among the different accessories and form a sawmill to your own needs. For example you can extend your sawmill, reduce the risk of maladjustment and minimize the heavy lifting - or why not go for an electric power supply that automatically takes care of the cut and increases the daily production.


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Spare Parts

Spare parts for your Logosol Sawmill, chainsaw and electric saw.


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Grinding Equipment

We have the equipment that makes your old saw chain as good as new.


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Chains and Bars

Cutting equipment for chainsaws and electric saws.


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Log Handling

Strong and robust tools that simplify your work.


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Electrical Equipment

Cables, sockets, outlets, power stations etc.


Please call us for more information.

Chip Handling

You have lots to gain by having a good chip set-up.


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We strive to have correct information on our website. However, in the event a product ordered is listed at an incorrect price, Logosol shall have
the right to refuse such orders. Please tell us if you find errors and we will make every effort to correct them as soon as possible.

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