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Logosol Smart Pusher

Smart Pusher

Log lifter & tree pusher

Logosol Smart Pusher

A must for anyone

felling trees

Logosol Smart Pusher

A perfect tool for

a safer worksite

Logosol Smart Pusher

The Smart Pusher can also

be used as a log lifter


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1 Item(s)

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Short Description

The unique Smart-Pusher from Logosol ensures that the tree falls in the intended direction. This is essential for safety when you are felling trees. You should, of course, always have felling wedges at hand, but if you are unfamiliar with chainsaws or have trees that stand where there is risk that they fall on something, you can signifi cantly improve safety by using a Smart- Pusher. When felling a tree, the Smart-Pusher presses against the trunk with a force of several hundreds kilos. The Smart-Pusher has a wide target group. We sell Smart-Pushers to all kinds of customers, from house owners that are going to fell one single tree, to arborists that use the Smart-Pusher on a daily basis.

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