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M8 Chain Sawmill

Logosol M8 – The Swedish Portable Sawmill

With the Logosol Sawmill M8 you can quickly produce high-class planks and boards from your logs, in the length and dimensions of your choice. The sawmill is simple to use – and easy to own.

If you have not cut timber before, the M8 is the perfect choice. You will quickly get started and the sawmill is very easy to use. The first day you will already have produced a good-sized stack of planks and boards. Visible scales and the possibility of sawing in fixed steps make setting quick and accurate. Everything is clearly described in the book that comes with every sawmill.

The accuracy is impressive, no matter if you are sawing boards for panelling or squared logs for building log houses. The M8 can cut all sorts of wood both from the forest and the garden: oak, aspen, juniper, apple tree, cherry tree, larch. The list goes on.

Perfect when you want to saw where the logs are

The LOGOSOL M8 equipped with a chainsaw is our best selling model. Into this portable, original sawmill we have put over 25 years’ experience of small-scale sawing. We guarantee you the highest precision in every single detail. We recommend the strong chainsaw Stihl MS661. With over 7 hp and a thin guide bar you cut fast and get a fine sawn surface. You get good results from the very start and can realize your building projects using your homemade timber.

High-efficiency log sawing with superior surface finish

In its electric version, the LOGOSOL M8 becomes a stationary mill with high capacity. LOGOSOL’s electric saw units cuts quietly, quickly and accurately. You can cut all types of wood, and even large-diameter logs, to get construction timber of the highest quality and a fine surface finish. The sawmill can be supplemented with the automatic feeder E37, which makes the work more convenient and increases your production significantly.

The portable, original sawmill integrates over 25 years’ experience of small-scale sawing!

Can be equipped with automatic or manual feeder.

Quick settings. Fixed sawing measurements in steps of 1/4” or 1/8’’, give your timber accurate dimensions.

Made of anodized aluminium alloy. Lightweight and strong.

5.2 metres log length, with the possibility of extension.

Log ladders included for easy log handling.

Adjustable feet compensate for uneven ground.

Convenient lifting winches with log beds, which together can stand the load of one tonne!

Quiet and comfortable working site

You spare your back and saw in a comfortable working position.

An electric saw gives extra fine surface finish. Strong and environmentally friendly

Quick setting of the log beds ensures the best sawing yield.

Easy to keep clean. Can be kept outdoors all year round.

Adapted for the Nordic climate and winter sawing.


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