Chainsaw Mills

Chainsaw Mills

The original sawmill - cuts

with impressive precision

Chainsaw Mills

Over 25 years’ experience

of small-scale sawing

Chainsaw Mills

25 000 LOGOSOL sawmills

sold in over 100 countries

Chainsaw Mills

Highest precision

from the first cut

From log to boards with the LOGOSOL sawmill

The chainsaw is easily mounted on the carriage, which slides smoothly and accurately on the guide rail.

With the help of the log ladder, you can by yourself get the log off the ground to ensure a convenient working position.

Clear scales give you the right measurements for each cut. A smart, self-locking click system simplifies the setting.

The first cut. The log is secured, and the chain cuts easily through the log, giving a a finely sawn result.

Pull back the saw cariage, raise the log by using the integrated winches and cut boards from the log.

With the LOGOSOL sawmill it is easy to saw and you get good results at the very start!

Product Categories

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Product Categories
2 year warranty

LOGOSOL gives you a 2-year warranty on all machines. Consumable items, such as belts, guide bars and chains, are not covered by the warranty.

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2-month money back guarantee

LOGOSOL gives you a two-months money back guarantee on all machines. You can test whether the machine meets your requirements before you make your final decision.

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The LOGOSOL Concept – our promise to you

Peace of mind
LOGOSOL’s peace-of-mind package provides you with a 2 year warranty and the right to return products within 2 months from date of delivery if they fail to live up to your expectations.

Quick delivery
Very speedy delivery of accessories and spare parts.

Unlimited support
Unlimited telephone support when it comes to product know-how and product use.

Long experience
Access to over 25 years’ experience as market leader in the field of small-scale timber processing.

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Support all over the world

We provide service and support on our products. Skilled technicians answer your questions by phone, +46 611 182 85 from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm all weekdays. You can also get support by email. We are happy to help you!

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